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Hello, welcome to our website. Be ready for your next amazing trip in Indonesia with us. We are as your chosen DMC in Indonesia, we will give you our best quality on your trip to make your trip in Indonesia become one of your best trip in your life. We provide you not only tour transportation but also we provide you a knowledge, history, and hospitality as our very first purpose for becoming a DMC in Indonesia.

Beside your convenience, our focus also to keep our culture still alive including arts, hospitality, and nature.  

In a new era of a tourism industry, we do a health protocol and we provide you a hand sanitizer and also surgical mask.

Just give us your trip preference and also the duration you wanna travel in Indonesia, and we will reply you with our best itinerary and for sure our best price. So, give us your shot and let us do the rest.

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All About Java Bali Tours - Discover amazing places in Java and Bali at exclusive deals

Yogyakarta Private Charter Car

12 Hours
IDR 550.000 / Pax
Discount available

Borobudur Sunrise, Merapi, and P...

12 Hours
IDR 1.950.000 / Pax
Discount available

Jomblang Cave Tour

10 hours
IDR 1.250.000 / Pax
Discount available

Jomblang Cave and prambanan Suns...

12 Hours
IDR 1.500.000 / Pax


Nature Swimming Pool in Yogyakarta   This was such an insightful tour of Yogyakarta city. The guide was so knowledgeable and explained so many things that i do never know before. We had an amazing experience. The guide was so smart, intelligent, and very dedicated, and passionate. Its really worth going tour. Sandra and friends - Germany I have sent an email and i received a prompt reply. We corresponded about tour option and we agreed a trip to Bromo from Yogyakarta. Its really easy and fast respond booking confirmation from journeast’s team. They are so reliable team. Laura - France A superb experience indeed! The trip starts at 3.30am, they picked up us in our hotel in Yogyakarta ontime. We had a good time visiting Borobudur temple for the sunrise and Mount Merapi later. Our travel partner was very accomodating, fantastic person, and have a great communication in english too. Overall well worth the trip. Michael Franzy - USA


Los Angeles

I was traveling solo and these guys made my trip one of the best in my life! Super safe, perfectly organized, always on time. Yovi is a very kind and friendly guide! Thanks to him for all beautiful moments!



I can highly recommed it, the guides are very nice and very reliable. The know a lot and they can answer you every question.

Sebastian Hielt

Milan, Italy

“This was an amazing trip! There were so many highlights... our outstanding, kind, patient, amazing leader Indra!!

Fredd Stevie


“We travel....a lot, and this was an epic adventure! What we saw was amazing but even more impressive was the logistics behind our travel. Our trip was flawless. All the transportation and local guides were on time and extremely nice. Our main guides, Hardi and Yovi were very special people. Wonderfully knowledgeable and went out of their way to make our trip special. I will highly recommend Journeast Indonesia to everyone.”

Natalia Christy


“As a solo traveler, I rely on a trusted company that can get me safely from point A to B, especially when I’m unfamiliar with the area. At the same time, I expect them to provide excellent customer service (addressing questions/concerns, employing outgoing/knowledgeable guides, etc.). After my third trip with Journeast Indonesia, I feel safe to assume that they check all of these boxes off for me!”

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